Habitats – Tropical Rainforest

Welcome back to another one of my blog posts! Today, I’m going to be telling you about the tropical rain forest.


 The Rain forest has many beautiful sights and views. It is full of trees and a lot of rain Beautiful Creatures Elephants toucans poisonous frogs. The Palm trees waterfalls Rivers and lakes.  In my opinion the prettiest sight to see is the mountain climb to the top of the mountains. It’s full of fog and lots of rocks. You can see the ocean. It’s very beautiful!


Water lilies are slow growing and moving plants. They like the edges of Ponds and streams Tropical and mild areas . Often their leaves are called lily pads. Mainly enjoyed by frogs because frogs like sitting on. 

Coffee plants

Legend has it that coffee plants were discovered by a goat. Here is the story from the Rainforest Alliance website:

“Thousands of years ago in what is now Ethiopia, an Abyssinian herder noticed that, after his goats ate the bright red berries of the coffee plant, the animals became quite energetic. He showed his discovery to some monks at a nearby monastery, who then brewed the berries into a beverage to keep them awake during evening prayers. Thus, the first cups of coffee were born. From Ethiopia, coffee spread across Arabia, and eventually found its way into cups around the world.”


Poison dart frogs can kill up to 20000 mice.The colourful designs are telling predators not to eat me.  I’m toxic. Poison dart frogs eat insects and fruit flies, ants, termites, young crickets, and tiny beetles. Scientists think those are some of the insects that give poison dart frogs its poison. Poison dart frogs are found in the rain forest in central and South America.

Capybara world’s largest rodents don’t live in alleyways like your typical rodent. They are as big as a large dog. They look like their close relatives the guinea pigs. Capybaras are water loving animals that like to keep their skin moist they only live in abundant water sources.





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